Aloha, Iowa Eskimos!

Tis the season when all the "wish you were here" pictures begin. It is in that effort that Iowa State Mens Basketball team is playing in the Maui Invitational. I understand before leaving it is rumored those fans that were going all gathered and performed an ancient ritual they found in an Old Farmers Almanac to make sure our temperatures would be below normal and we'd have snow on the ground. It's like they didn't think we'd be envious enough. Being a man of good grace and only wishing for them to fully enjoy their trip to the utmost I want them to know they will be in our thoughts all week but ask they read no further out of respect.... To the rest of you I implore you to get outside, there's still enough time to gather enough snow to freeze a few snowballs. I think it would be thoughtless for us not to share the beauty of an early Iowa snow. Here's a tip, back of the head when they least expect it, make sure to get a picture as you flee the scene.

Iowa State Basketball continues today at the Maui Invitational where they will take on Illinois. Pre game is at 3pm with tip off set for 4 pm. You'll find hoop to hoop action on 1430 KASI, and as always on your iHeart app.