Did you ever have a dream you never wanted to leave, I did last night. It must be the time of year where we mix sentiment and joy. It was the Largest Thanksgiving ever well attended by family past and present, overwhelming in it's love and happiness. It was the past meeting the present, my son and daughter meeting with Grandparents and Great Grandparents they never knew. My brothers Joe and Dave were up to their antics as Phil and I went on the defense. There is not enough time or space here to describe everything, I only know I woke up smiling with tears streaming down my face. It was a great reminder of what is really important in life, Family and friends. The ones that have come before, the ones that grace our lives now and those we will meet in the future. Our lives have been filled with challenges and always will be but today I leave no political agenda I only want to reflect upon the gifts and grace of life, sometimes they elude us because our lives get entwined in less important things. At this very moment my mind is running the names and memories of people that have affected my life on both sides of the ledger. With that thought I want to thank you all for being an integral part of my life you have, for better or worse, made me who I am and hopefully will continue to be a part of me in the future. I promise you this, when my time comes I will put in a good word for you unless I am relegated to the "Other Place" at which I'll keep my mouth shut. Let's truly make this a week of Thanksgiving and pray for those throughout the world who are suffering the consequences of both man and nature. I say let's make it a week of "Politics Be Damned!"

Tune in tonight while we take you from the cold of Iowa to the warmth of Hawaii as Iowa State will be taking on Arizona in the Maui Basketball Invitational. Pregame at 7 with tip off set for 8pm. You'll catch every minute of the hardcourt action on the Hometown Station of the Cyclones 1430 KASI, and on your iHeart app.