Lead by Example

Well you've done your duty and voted, at least I hope so, and our choices will be in place in January. It is my fervent hope that bi-partisan politics will return to Washington, you know when they work for us rather than their party. They need to roll up their sleeves, put their nose to the grindstone and whatever work cliche you want to say and serve the people. there will be those negative people who will begin trash talking immediately, ignore them and think positive. If these politicians cannot find resolution to their issues then they're in the wrong line of work and we'll remedy that next election regardless of which side of the aisle they sit. We will never make America Great Again unless our government works for us and not their parties.

Iowa State Basket ball on Friday with both men's and women's teams in action. The ISU women take on Niagra in preseason WNIT action at 11:30am Friday. The ISU men will face Missouri later that afternoon at 5pm. Saturday Brings the Baylor Bears to town to face the Cyclones on the gridiron, our pregame coverage begins at 10:30 with the Cyclone Tailgate show with Kickoff set for 2:30pm. Catch all the action on the home town station of the Cyclones, 1430 KASI, 1430kasi.com and your iHeart app.