It Blows, it Sucks, it Chops

Age can be a wonderful thing, our appreciation and eagerness to get things of eased labor has grown exponentially. About a week ago Chris ordered (I'm still afraid of buying on line as my identity might be stolen and will have disappointed the thief in it's limitations) a new leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher. Like a young person listening for sleigh bells, I would run home anticipating this miracle tool. Contrary to other years I kept praying that Nature would not allow my leaves to be blown away. Finally it arrived, I new it must be good because the box it came in was smiling at me. Hesitating, I tore it open and as promised, put it together in under 5 minutes with no tools, or might I add, instructions. It was mid day on Saturday that I slowly stepped into the front yard yielding my foliage WMD. Just the day before my neighbor and I were discussing fall cleanup at which time I informed her that I had acquired a blower that could carry the leaves across the street into their yard but must be used cautiously as she could end up with a car or bicyclist in their yard. Soon, Weapon in hand I stepped into the yard with my mighty weapon looking across the yard I noticed my wife standing with an old fashioned rake, I knew it was "ON". It was a 'John Henry" moment the modern leaf eliminator against the old fashioned rake. I flipped the switch as she began he sweeping and experienced motion with the rake. She was wafting in the heat of victory and confident of her win when in one swift motion I threw her a pair of lawn shears and said "OK, start mulching!" I think she's still out there.

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