Chivalry or Chauvinism, I Call it Courtesy

A small experiment in chivalry today, when 3 ladies got on an elevator with me I greeted them with a "good morning" and removed my hat. One of them commented it had been a number of years since a man had removed their hat in her presence and it was refreshing, As we were all getting off on the same floor, I held the door until they had exited. Later as I was catching the bus back to my car I was at the stop 1st and it was several minutes until the bus arrived and by that time about 15 other people had gathered. Normally it's a charge through the door to insure a seat, this time was different, I made sure that every young lady in line got in first even to the point I admonished a couple of guys for trying to crowd in. The seats were filled before I got in and most of the guys had to stand, I actually got on last. As I grabbed hold of the strap and prepared for a challenging ride as I at my age there are some balance problems, a trio of voices beckoned me with "Sir we saved you a seat" Chivalry still has it's rewards if it is done out of courtesy and not expectations, Mom always said, "We may not have a lot of money but will always be rich in manners. I'm not raising thugs I'm raising gentlemen" We always referred to her as the 'Emily Post" of the South Side. As many of our friends could tell you, she would call any of them out for poor etiquette...Love and miss you MOM, and thanks.

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