Have we come to this point?

Thoughts and prayers to those family and friends at (insert latest mass shooting here) The hatred that is overtaking America over (race, religion, concert, night club, school, church, political beliefs etc...) is appalling. When will it stop and what can be done (insert your individual ideas but please expect no action).

This is now our America, most of these mass shootings have been done by citizens of our country with randomly chosen victims that represent a wide area of beliefs and demographics. We are in an era where hatred is spewed on social networks every day which is fuel and fodder for these demented souls. Please think through the possible consequences of your postings, information is one thing but embellishing it with hateful thoughts is another. Whether you realize it or not you might be putting the last bullet in the gun that will cause the loss of so many lives. Let's quit pointing fingers, and work on a real solution to this tragic American dilemma. Never in my lifetime did I think our great country would lose respect and gain only pity from the rest of the world. Before we can make America Great Again we need to make America, America again. God Bless, keep and help America before our next "Thoughts and Prayers" posting.

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