Iowa State Homecoming

Sometimes I feel cheated when homecoming is held at Iowa State because I would have to leave to come back. I've been in love with this community and the University for a long time. It's the environment I raised my kids in without worry, it offers the diversity I cherish and the kinds of people who carry the feeling of neighborly whether you live next door or across town. The University brings out the energy and dreams of young people on the doorstep of the rest of their lives and we have the opportunity to share in their aspirations. The best thing about Homecoming is seeing some of these dreamers return and pay homage to where it all started, meet with old faculty and classmates that shared that precious 4, 5 or more years as they looked to the future.

If you're ready for the inside story of everything that is ISU Athletics then Join Dave Sprau and Mel Crippen for the Cyclone Tailgate Show this Saturday at the Iowa State Alumni Center east terrace at 7:30 or just turn on your radio to 1430KASI,, or on your iHeart app at 7:30 am.