I understand the exuberance after a huge win like last night but several people suffered minor injuries some of which were children as they were pressed against a fence near the entry tunnel. It's easy to measure physical damage, harder psychological trauma as several of the kids were screaming hysterically. While obviously none of this was intentional there was collateral damage, my wife said there was potential for more serious injury, imagine if one of these children had fallen under the feet of the jubilant crowd. Luckily, for the most part, nothing too serious happened. While beating a ranked team is reason for celebration it wasn't a Bowl game and we're going to win some more, will we storm the field after each victory, tear down the goal posts after the final victory against Incarnate Word. We were and are the better team and these victories should be expected, I would have been happier if we cheered from the stands, picked up our things and left the stadium I think that would indicate to our opponent it's what we do, beat other teams and quite frankly that's what West Virginia was, another team on our list of victories. I could not be prouder of our Cyclones performance, now let's rest up our voices, massage our cheering muscles and get ready for the best Cyclone Homecoming ever...starting next Sunday with the Parade at 2pm in Downtown Ames. GOOOOOOOOOO CYCLONES!

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