Feeling a bit down last tonight, a few weeks ago I announced a fund raising effort to help the Boys and Girls Club of Story County by rappelling down a 71/2 story building to raise $1000. As always the good folks came to the call and money was raised and donated. Today during an annual check with my Dr. everything seemed fine, as I was preparing to leave I mentioned my mission for the week. Suddenly some eyebrows raised and I was asked to repeat myself. I was then told it might be at considerable risk and while he would not directly tell me not to do it he suggested the risk factor for me would indicate I shouldn't do it. He added it would be my decision but could not give it his blessings. I left weighing the possibilities and realized this could not be my decision alone. I explained the situation to my wife, daughter and son who adamantly said no. I then called Allie at the Boys and Girls Club, the decision was made, she left no doubt that I was grounded in a very caring way. It took me awhile to determine that Rappelling down the building was secondary to raising the funds. What bothered me most was the fact that something I wanted to do with all good intentions might end up with dire consequences and mar the rest of the event, getting old has it's restrictions.

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