Get Jealous!

We as Iowans sometimes are thought a little crazy with all the diversity in weather we experience, you know, the 4 Seasons. We are constantly being inundated on how fabulous and beautiful the weather is elsewhere, shots of the beach, palm trees, mountains, cruise ships etc. What hurts most is when they come from our fellow Iowans to remind us there's a foot or more of snow outside and they're on vacation or have gone south for the winter. Then there are those who are living a life in denial, former Iowans who have moved away and think they have found a better place to live and some folks who have never experienced Iowa at any time in their life and think all that we grow are "Caucuses". Revenge sets right outside your door, it's called FALL and the changing colors of the trees is your weapon. Oh I know a pristine snow, the awakening in spring and the activities of summer will hold it's own anywhere. But there's something about the change of Mother Natures wardrobe that is beauty unto itself. The season strolling in a jacket or sweater through the falling leaves offers the serenity and peace few will know. Folks sitting around a fire sharing stories, eating smores and enjoying a warm beverage at night builds friendships and memories. Then there's the sharing of spirit of a Friday night or Saturday football game, some tailgating, sitting in the stands screaming your head off in a common effort with thousands of people you don't know but somehow feel a great bond. This is my beloved IOWA and we'll share it with any one who cares to stop by. By the way does any one know if the "Caucuses" have been harvested yet?

Friday night the Ames Little Cyclones will take on the West Des Moines Valley Tigers at Ames High Stadium. Don't miss a single moment of this all important match up! Our pre Game begins at 6:45 with Kickoff set for 7 pm. We're the home of the Little Cyclones 1430 KASI, and on your iHeart app.