My Fear of the Future

With all the turmoil in our country, the vitriol that permeates our every day I fear, not for myself so much but the future generations. As young people we have always found it very convenient to blame previous generations for problems we faced, not much has changed. Hate and distrust are being sown through out our nation, the ability to discuss and compromise is quickly disappearing as we sit firmly in our convictions, right or wrong. The blame does not completely fall on the current state of politics in our capital, it has festered for years. Part of the blame is on our shoulders because we did not pay proper attention to what was happening, but more because we voted for a party rather than a candidate. It is not impossible to correct but it's our responsibility to do due diligence on the candidates we vote for and vote for the person not the party and most importantly VOTE on November 6th. Our future generations are counting on you, give them something good to blame you for.

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