I Can Dance?

Age is a difficult thing to deal with sometimes. The mind seems to be holding together quite well, (some might say that's a matter of opinion) but the machine it operates is getting worn in some areas and lacks the fluid motion it once had. As one who had won many a dance competition years ago, one in a Kansas City Bar where we out numbered the regular patrons, my love for this physical expression of emotion has not waned and yet the adulation of others has. There seems to be numerous critics when I step onto the floor as to whether I'm grooving to the beat or having a seizure. I must admit that steel hard youthful body ( I can dream can't I) has taken on some baggage over the years which may pose a threat to others near by as it flings care free in rhythm. The chants of "Go man go" are now " Are you all right mister". The applause and cheers have turned into "Good Lord, what do you call that, well at least he's trying." The art of "Picking up chicks" has now turned into picking up your feet. Let it be known that I will not surrender my portion of the dance floor, I will continue to whirl and glide to the end of my days, at least in my mind and the comments being made won't bother me...I don't hear so well!

It's off to Council Bluffs for the Ames High Little Cyclones this Friday as they face Abraham Lincoln High. If you're not making the long trip, make the short one to your radio as 1430 KASI will bring you all the action beginning at 6:45 pm. Don't forget you can also catch the game on 1430kasi.com and your iHeart App. 1430 KASI, Proud to be the hometown station of the Little Cyclones!