Butterflies and I am FREE (Kind of)

Running wild for the next 3 days, Chris is out of town for a hostage negotiation competition in Bettendorf, if you need to contact her I think they're staying at a Motel 2, where they would leave the light on for you if they had 'lectricity. Sitting here and have sucked down a couple of beers in 4 hours and would probably go out if I wasn't already in pajamas. Took the garbage out early after all it's trash Tuesday. Contemplating supper, if I do it now it's kind of like getting to the restaurant after the "early bird special". It's funny, even though I have the entire king size bed I'll probably stick to my side. I've thought about matching up the sleep numbers in case I stray. Yep, feeling a little rebellious, might not answer the phone when she calls so she'll wonder what I'm up to, oops, got to go my phones buzzing and I don' want her sending the cops over on a welfare check, damnit, foiled again.....I stand corrected, I have offended a former Bettendorf native who informs me Chris is in Burlington at which I must amend her contact information to the Motel -4.

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