Small but Mighty

Usually, about this time of year, we're talking football, the last game and the one coming up. If you attend the games you may have noticed another team in the stadium or for that matter everywhere you go, the MOSQUITOS. With the weather we've had we've produced another Iowa bumper crop. They are so bad it's hard to enjoy any outdoor activities. Now granted there all all sorts of sprays you can put on, pick your own obnoxious smell, mine happens to be "Lost in a Pine Forest". I have administered this quite generously but it seems this year to no avail, I'm convinced terrorists have invaded the factories where it's produced and placed some kind of chemical attractant that mimics a mosquito in heat, or it serves as a tenderizer for it's favorite meal....US! I now raise a toast to Mother Nature in hopes she will soon bless us with that mosquito killing first frost.

Ames High faces Des Moines North this Friday night on the gridiron. pre game is at 6:45 with kickoff set for 7 pm. It's the Little Cyclones against the Polar Bears on 1430 KASI,, and on your iHeart App.