A Future Stolen

When my wife, Chris, arrived home yesterday, I could tell by the look on her face that something horrible had happened other than a very hot day. I'm used to hearing the usual frustrations of the day, you know, being spit on, called every vulgar name possible, sometimes it even involves a tussle with some one but this is a look I had unfortunately seen before, not often thank God, but here it was again, some one was dead. Indeed some one was dead, a young woman was found on one of our private golf courses around 10 am. All the details were not yet being released but it was suspected foul play. My spirits sank to a new depth, one of our own had been stolen away and with that our community will mourn, it wasn't the same wonderful town I woke up to this morning. We are scarred by the violence that happens all too often in this world and our prayers go immediately to the family and friends of this young lady. This morning my hurt continues as I think of all the young faces I see everyday, was it one of them? We accept and take very seriously that we are entrusted with taking care of all these young loved ones who come here for an education, when we lose one, especially in such a tragic way we've lost a member of our family. Rest in Peace Angel.

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