Burnin' Rubber

I can't quite figure out why we would want cars that drive themselves, isn't that one of the thrills of life we all look forward to. Remember when you had the first opportunity to steer the car. I was setting right next to dad when he looked over and said "Son you're going to have to help me a moment by helping me steer." It didn't matter that he was having trouble getting his Zippo out of his pocket to light his cigarette, I was driving. Fourteen was the magic age, you could get your permit and even though you were constantly impeded in showing your skills under the eye of an adult, you had control. Sixteen brought you limited freedom as you still had curfews and invisible geographic barriers set forth by your parents (easily voided) You took your chariot out  and burned some rubber, snapped gears and chirped the tires with the radio so loud you weren't aware of the blood streaming out of your ears. Your car was your escape pod where you were in command and impressed with your skills of handling that ton and a half of steel. I still occasionally carry the desire to sink the pedal as the signal changes to green and show that punk next to me I still got it but then again it's a different time and I'm an older and wiser man but I'll be damned if I want my car to drive me around, not interested.

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