Iowa's Civil War

It will be a tense week in the state of Iowa this week as families will separate, friends will trade insults and complete strangers will join in a common cause, to support their favorite team. Yes once again Iowa State and Iowa will meet on the battlefield that is Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. They will traverse this beautiful, but on this day, untamed state from all directions knowing the real battle is at the tailgates and in the stands as well as every Man Cave and Sports Bar across the state. Brainwashed children will root for the teams of their fathers and mothers not realizing they have a choice. Mascots will plan strategies to humiliate each other. Cheer Leaders will smile with gritted teeth towards their counterparts. Referees will warm up by calling each names that are anything but human and some fans will place their favorite post game call in show on speed dial to offer their drunken expertise on the outcome of the game. Even the "Namby Pambys" that waffle and root for both teams in a show of support for sportsmanship will suffer insult from the dedicated armchair warriors. It is a battle extraordinaire with bragging rights until the next meeting and I love it!

IOWA STATE AND IOWA MEET THIS SATURDAY IN IOWA CITY AND ON 1430 KASI, and your iHeart apps. Pre game set for 12 pm, kickoff at 4 pm. Enjoy it on the home town station of the Cyclones 1430 KASI!