I'm a Cyclone Fan But.....

I wasn't always a Cyclone Fan, I was raised as in a Hawkeye Family, that is until I was old enough to know I had a choice. Always being the rebel of the family I chose the Cyclones, it made Sundays more exciting as I was able to get some exciting conversations (arguments) about which team was best. At that time the teams weren't playing each other so there were no reasons to come to physical altercations. That platonic relationship with the Cyclones, for controversial reasons, soon blossomed into genuine fan love and has been that way ever since but I have learned to appreciate the Hawkeyes and the Panthers. What was the impetus for this change in heart you might ask? Well first of all, in the end we are all Iowans and if you're going to wear my home states label I want you to win. (unless it's against the Cyclones. Secondly, having produced television sports for 35 years, that no matter whether it was Cardinal and Gold, Black and Gold or Purple and Gold they all paid me in GREEN, my favorite color.

We begin our coverage of Iowa State Football this Saturday as they take on South Dakota State. Our Cyclone Tailgate Show begins at 3pm with Kickoff set for 7 pm. It's Cyclone Football at it's best on the Hometown Station of the Cyclones...1430 KASI! 1430kasi.com and on your iHeart app. GO CYCLONES!


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