Been a Few

Been a few days since we've touched base and I apologize. There's something about a daughter's wedding that demands more than I anticipated both physically and emotionally. That life's blessing was completed Saturday and my tear ducts are beginning to refill. My wife, anticipating the drain on this old man wisely set up vacation for the next week for recovery. Although it will be some significant driving it won't seem that way as long as we're together. The lowest mileage on anything in our car is the audio system. She and I have traversed the width and breadth of this nation without ever turning it on. Believe it or not conversation fills our time, any subject is viable and believe me we've covered them all. So even though we won't be talking for a while, she will keep my vocal chords in good shape for the next week, I couldn't be in better company. Be safe and happy until I return and yes I will miss you.

Need I say more? The 2018 Ames High Little Cyclone Football Season kicks off this Friday at 6:45. As always 1430 KASI has you covered. Now don't be selfish, share the news with your Little Cyclone friends that live all over the world,  they too can hear the games on and on their iHeart app. 1430 KASI, hometown station of Ames High and Iowa State, celebrating 70 years of broadcasting!