Armored School Busses?

I always remember what a joyous day it was for both parents and kids when it was time to go back to school. New teacher's, new friends, recess and clock watching for the end of the day. Parents had their homes back for the day and for some, a freedom they had lost for 3 months not to mention being the social director, cook and taxi cab driver. The last few years have brought a dimness and a bit of apprehension to this yearly celebration, school shootings. Although the chance of this is slim where you live it's still a possibility. It haunts us throughout the day, not my school , not my child, the better question is how do you prepare your kids without scaring them. Lately the number of young people being home schooled has risen exponentially, not all because of shootings but certainly a part of it. What is your school district doing along with other authorities in ways of prevention. The furor has dwindled somewhat because of the summer break but this is no reason to let the pressure off both locally and nationally. Our memories on this subject seems to run too short and won't fire up until the next one occurs then it's too late...AGAIN!  KEEP THE HEAT ON, know what's happening at your school. Until then there's a company in Michigan selling Bullet Proof Backpacks, what a sad thought that is.

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