I Surrender

Ok, I've finally given in to family pressure and I will be attending the Fair this year. It's not that I have anything against the Fair in fact each year over a million people confirm that it's indeed a GREAT STATE FAIR! When I was young the Fair was an adventure, finding all the ways we could sneak in, over the fence, under the fence, in a car trunk etc. Most of that fun was actually being chased by the overweight, bib uniformed, pith helmeted, cane carrying security guards, some of which were on horseback. Never was caught but then again I was a little more lithe and a bit faster then. In my teens and ignorance we went to scope out the small town "Chicks" we were hoping were desperate to spend some time with some sophisticated city slickers. Then there were the Channel 5 years when I was in charge of of our State Fair booth. 14 hours a day for all 11 days of the fair for 6 years, can we call that burnout? So I avoided it for 15 years with no problem, then the family pressure began so I've eased myself in about every 4 years, this will be one of them. The girls will make there annual fried food adventure while my son and i sample the best craft beers Iowa has to offer, observe the attendees from my now favorite thrill ride, "The Bench". A Report is upcoming soon.

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