The Kids are Alright

"I don't know what's wrong with kids today, what is up with this younger generation they don't seem focused enough?" Words we all grew up with in fact have probably been spoken through time eternal. Well as far as I can tell there's not a lot wrong with them, they're facing life the same way we did. Sometimes with reckless abandon, other times with deep concern. The pressures and problems they face are far different than we faced, their lives move at a much faster pace but they are no less concerned about their future than we were. if you think they are a lost generation that cares only about themselves, think of the 11 year bringing food and drinks to the firefighters in California, the 12 year old selling lemonade to help raise funds for the Children's Hospital or the 14 year old making blankets for the homeless or maybe the kid down the street who cuts the grass and shovels the snow for an elderly couple at no charge. No I think the kids will do just fine as long as we continue to try and make the road ahead a little smoother and give them the support and the love they need. Lastly we need to get rid of this stuff they call "music" I don't understand it but then again look what Big Bands did to our parents and Rock and Roll did to us!

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