Good Lord 71 REALLY!

Where does the time go, is it actually faster when we get older? if we travel the path of life, at what point do we realize the path behind is much longer than the path ahead? every time I have a birthday now I seem to reflect on the past and hold hope for the future. Yesterday I hit 71 years, now if you ask my friends and folks that knew me so many years ago they'd tell you I've lived 50 bonus years more than was thought so many years ago. I was a rather rambunctious and experimental youth. Now the wisdom of age and the reality that the mechanics of the body are limiting my actions. I no longer want to try "Sidewalk Surfing"(Skate Boarding), jumping my bike over a ramp, sky diving or rock climbing...wait a minute...I'm not being truthful...I really want to do all of those things, I'm in the wished I had phase of life. Now at 71 I'm headed to the do everything you can while you can phase. I truly am embracing age, I have no bucket list because because dieing is not in my plans, it does no good to think about it, it's not our decision. I just hope I feel the same way when I'm 142.

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