WARNING: Know Your Friends

It has become more and more evident that Face Book and other social media were used to influence our 2016 elections. Unfortunately it is also known that some of our friends were the unconscious purveyors of some of this propaganda putting their trust in ficticious friends and spreading the falsehoods of these professional disruptors. So far other than recognizing that this took place little has been done by the powers that be to prevent further damage in the 2020 election. Admittedly I enjoy many of the opportunities afforded by Face Book to keep up socially but if nothing is done to curb the political rumors and lies they admit are being spread on it I will abandon it with out a thought. I suggest that you review just exactly who you have on your friends list and narrow it down to just people you have met personally. Life was just fine before social media and I'm sure I can live just fine without it.

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