I'm Probably Going to Fail

With my daughter's wedding in 3 weeks I have given one assignment to get done, pick out a song I would like for the father/daughter dance. my daughter and her friends have selected one they thought appropriate and I'm more than willing to dance to it but it isn't expressive enough for what I feel and I want my own selection. Granted what I choose will probably be beyond the general demographics of most of the guests but it will be my final and personal moment with her. One of her great fears is that I will not hold myself together during the ceremony and as I peruse the songs I want her fear may be well founded. There's a box of Kleenex next to the chair as I listen and remember years past, even as I type this blog they occasionally blur my eyes. The last thing I want to do is embarrass her and get the dance floor wet....No wait a minute, the last thing I want to do is let her go! Her fiance is a wonderful young man and they will share a beautiful life, and we have lots of adventures to share so if you have a magic remedy for a sappy pappy to keep the tears from flowing let me know. Maybe with three weeks left my tear ducts will suffer a drought.

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