Fair to Excellent

I was asked to do some judging at the Story County Fair on Sunday night. Mind you it did not require any agricultural knowledge and involved celebrity show persons and the actual animal owners. I did my best to look like I knew what I was doing but my inexperience was thinly veiled. The crowd was generous, gracious and forgiving as I knew they would be, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. These are the people of Iowa at their very best, the backbone of what this state is, Agriculture! An audience of families continuing tradition as their 4-her's show their years projects. The future of America was on parade that night and they passed with flying colors. I've always said that I was not smart enough or brave enough to be a farmer but I really appreciated them allowing me to be a part of their lives Sunday evening...Special thanks to Story County 4H and the Iowa State Story County Extension Service, Happy 100th Anniversary!

RAGBRAI arrives in Ames Tomorrow and 1430 KASI will bring you extensive coverage beginning with the "Mel In the Morning Show broadcasting "LIVE" from 6 to 10 am then Join Trent Rice from 12 to 2 pm as he gets you updated on activities. Our Special thanks to the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau for their extensive help, but of course that's what they do.