Cooks' Emporium Essentials Kit--for kids!

I'm especially excited to show off the latest Cooks' Emporium Essentials Kit because some of it came as a surprise--I didn't know what it contained.  When Mindy Bergstrom and I first started talking about the Essentials Kits, I mentioned almost off-hand that it would be cool to see one designed for kids.  Needless to say, she took that small kernel of an idea and absolutely ran with it.  As you'll see in the video, these two kits are designed for younger kids and teens.  That being said, don't think that these kits are full of toys that kids are "play with" in the kitchen--these are legitimate tools that anyone can use.

Check it out--

Here's the kit as it came to us!

In the Essentials Kit for younger kids--a strawberry slicer that's made of hard plastic, ringed with grip-safe silicone.  EAT YOUR FRUIT, KIDS!

Also, these great REUSABLE plastic bags, perfect for school lunches!

Check out these great silicone molds--perfect for fun-shaped fried eggs, pancakes...

Here's the second Essentials Kit for kids--like I said before, there's not a tool in this kit that not's perfect for ANY home kitchen.

Outside of a good set of knives, I'm hard pressed to find a more used kitchen tool than spring-loaded tongs...

See this turner--you may call it a spatula?  It's great because it's flexible.  The "picking up and flipping the food" part will do a good job of getting under fried eggs, pancakes and so on.  Also, it won't scratch non-stick pans.

At some point, you're gonna have to mix something.  Probably want to make that happen with a really nice whisk, right?

And last, but certainly not least, one of the newest "must haves" in the kitchen--a microplane grater.  Good for garlic, cheese, chocolate...

Trent talks to Cooks' Emporium owner Mindy Bergstrom about the Essentials Kit she put together for his kids!

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