Night of the Lepus

Back in 1972 we were warned that nature was on the attack through what I believe may have been a documentary called "Night of the Lepus". As I suffered the attack of yellow jackets the other night I happened to glance in the neighbors yard where at least 10 pairs of wicked eyes watched the mayhem with great glee. Oh sure, they still look cuddly with there long ears and fluffy brown fur but inside they have an insidious goal of wiping out our hard earned garden food supplies. The numbers in our area have been multiplying and I suspect their main base, Watership 1, is near by. While mostly grazing in the cover of nightfall I have noticed the daytime sightings have picked up. Beware my friends, the time is near. I implore you not to ignore these as the ravings of a mad man, watch the Documentary "Night of the Lepus" I doubt you will be able to finish it!  I've got to go now, oh no, my foil hat is being re blocked at the cleaners. Have a safe weekend!

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