Park Bench Therapy

I'm in a place that nobody thought I would ever reach, the biggest hurdle most people thought I would never make was getting past 21. Well I've been there almost 3 times now and as I get older I realize the path ahead is much shorter than the path behind. Now don't get me wrong I definitely would like to make 21 four times and beyond provided most of me remains functional and my mind in tact but keeping up with this world gets a little harder each year. the tools for keeping up are right at my fingertips as a matter of fact I'm utilizing one right now, but sometimes, yes sometimes I think back to the old folks who used to do their socializing on park and courthouse benches. I drove by many conversations on occupied benches conjecturing what the topic of the day was. Some times a voice would elevate and you knew it was politics, sometimes it would be very low and you knew gossip was afoot, the worst times were when a seat became vacant while the person filling the other would be deep in memories. Park benches are still around mostly for decoration not the bully pulpits they once were. I still use them and occasionally will get the opportunity to exchange conversations with other passers by. There is no greater therapy for me than to grab a cup of coffee at 7 am and head down to the bench in front of our studios on Main Street and watch the city awaken for 15 minutes. It's amazing how a smile and a wave from folks driving by re energizes me and let's me know for that moment I'm in a good place.

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