As I sip coffee this morning it is accompanied by the sounds of history. The American Barn Stormers are in town with their historical Bi Planes at the Ames Airport. They will be here until Tuesday, admission is free and if you would like to take a ride $80 will get you 15 minutes you will never forget. I highly encourage you to take some time to talk with these folks and enjoy a rare opportunity. I flew last time they were here and immediately wanted to buy a bi plane. Years ago, while arguing with Wilbur and Orville about wing design, I missed my flight on the Hindenberg and swore I would never fly again. Back that up with the torrid political argument I had with Lindbergh about Nazi's in Des Moines so many years ago, I lost faith in the flying machines and their pilots. After talking with the Barnstormer Pilots and taking a flight, it rejuvenated my flying spirit, come see and experience what I'm talking about. The "Wild Blue Yonder" is calling your name!

Ames High Baseball wraps up it's regular season on Tuesday Night against the Fort Dodge Dodgers in a double header. KASI Sports Director Dave Sprau and Chuck Stevens will bring you all the action beginning at4:45 pm on 1430 KASI, and on your iHeart app.