A Bit Flighty

A big step for my daughter this weekend, no not her wedding, it's still a month away, but taking her first flight on her own. She has flown before but always with us so making gates etc. are now her responsibility. She's a bit on edge but has planned well and should have no problem. It did cause me to reflect on my first flight and no Wilbur and Orville were not involved. My feet first left the ground when I was 30 years old and I was on a twin engine charter headed for an Iowa State game in Oklahoma. I received the usual hazing from the more experienced members of our TV crew but all went well. I must admit knowing the pilot and mechanics made me a little more confident we would survive. The next few years I flew on a lot of charters to various sporting events and although we had a few tense moments became a relaxed passenger. I think it helped that I was heavy enough to balance the load I was always in the co pilots seat and was able to observe the operation. I must admit I did not extend the same kindness to my younger brother who had begun serving as my associate producer. On his first flight with me to Missouri things went exceptionally smooth so his confidence immediately set in. That morning as we were loading to come home the pilot explained that halfway through the flight we would be changing fuel tanks and their might be a slight sputter in the engines and knowing my brother was a novice asked me to pass it on. Instead I asked him if it would be possible to delay the transfer long enough to make it sound like the engines had begun failing then have him turn around with an "uh oh" look on his face. As my brother and I were playing cards the moment came, it only lasted for a few seconds but for my brother may have seemed a lifetime. Cards went flying as his eyes searched the compartment for a parachute, it was an every man for himself moment and will be etched in my mind forever. When it was all over it suddenly occurred to me that paybacks are hell and I had just messed with the expert in them. Even though he's left this earth, I feel this only gives him a stealth advantage.

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