Exploding with Patriotism

Obeying the law in my city I've got a trunk full of fireworks that I'm willing to share with my fellow residents in a colorful display. It's not that I'll be firing them off but they are wrapped in colorful packaging. You see our city, out of respect for others, forbids firing them within city limits. In this day and age one must respect that it isn't just we curmudgeons complaining, we have nothing until our temptation apples ripen, but many veterans whose anxiety is triggered by the noise that's made. One has to and should respect that. That being said, I understand the state benefits most by the sale and that municipalities cannot override that law, they can however prohibit the firing off of those same fireworks within their limits. While I understand the prohibition, selling them is tantamount to buying a kid a bike and not letting them ride it, the temptations just too great.

As the post season closes in you won't want to miss any of the regular season games. This Thursday The Ames Little Cyclones return to take on Ankeny in a double header. 4:45 for pregame on 1430 KASI, your Central Iowa Sports Leader.