Some things can't be ignored no matter where you stand, the following is a nutshell plan that Russia began putting in to place in the 1990's, I wish it were fiction but it's not and I think you'll see why. Kruschev said"We will bury you!" Putins' plan is to come in our front door:

1. Steer clear of direct military confrontation, use political stealth.

2.Annex the Ukraine, it is a buffer zone against Europe.

3.Encourage Britain to leave the European Union...Brexit.

4.Make Iran a key Ally and keep Turkey off balance.

5.Have China expand it's influence in Indo China leaving Russia as the main influence in Eurasia.

6.Make Germany and France the dominant powers in the European Union and encourage discord with the United States.

7. Lastly but certainly not leastly introduce geopolitical strife in America, encourage separatism, and encourage ethnic, racial and social problems thus destabilizing the internal workings of internal politics.

This list was written over 20 years ago in a plan developed by  Political Scientist Aleksandr Dugin and a serving General Nicolai Klokotov and was called "Foundations of Geopolitics". You do the math, Russia is not our friend and our friends should not be our enemies.

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