Perversion Meets Justice

I don't exactly wear a tin foil hat but am always suspicious of how modern technology can be used in nefarious ways. I have definitely fallen into the "Big Brother"Syndrome where one feels they are constantly being observed through remote devices. Some day when you are so bored you don't remember if the sun came up count the camera's that are observing your life in shopping areas, outside as security devices or traffic monitors and in the hands of your fellow humans. I, long before it was confirmed, was convinced the camera's in our personal computers could be remotely triggered, it has since been confirmed and mine sports a large piece of electricians tape over its' lens. This morning I ran across an article about a man in Madison Wisconsin who had devised a shoe camera that would take up skirt videos of women. while taking it out on it's "maiden" walk, the battery in his shoe overheated and exploded injuring his foot. Police were unable to arrest him because he hadn't taken any videos but did refer him to counseling. I suspect he will return to the internet to see if their are mico air conditioners for his shoes. Sometimes justice comes unexpected ways. 

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