Mel has Mellowed

It suddenly came to me yesterday as I was helping clear a space along the house to help my wife plant some bulbs along the side of the house, you've mellowed Mel. For years I found millions of excuses as to why I shouldn't partake in such piddily matters, yesterday I even found myself asking questions about how the bulbs should be planted to insure the best results. As we moved toward the front of the house I thought I saw my motorcycle shaking it's handlebars in shame, "C'mon big guy, we've got some pavement to burn!" I declined and stayed the course until the project was done. Following that I was assigned other menial tasks to be accomplished, and I did so gladly and yet pondered on how my life has changed. It's kind of like the old "Shake and Bake" ads where the kid says "Mommy made fried bologna and I helped" My wife realizes there are things my Dr. says I shouldn't be doing and knows how hard it is for me to accept her doing them so she assigns me things she would normally do herself and in some therapeutic way it helps. Weather permitting today I put my Macho Feeble Butt on the cycle for a testosterone infusion.

Ames High Girls Softball returns Wednesday Night as they take on Ankeny Centennial in a double header. Pre game at 5:45 with bat to ball at 6 pm. Dave Sprau will have the call on 1430 KASI, and on your iHeart App.