I've Grown Up

It's been over 70 years but I think I've almost completely grown up. Physically I know it's true, from about 16 to 64 I peered at the world from a height of 6' now I have a whole different perspective as the platform is 5'10 1/2". My girthiness has fallen by 40 pounds, while I wouldn't call me sveldt, kids have quit trying to push me back into the ocean when I'm on a beach. My biggest struggle in growing up has been on the mental side, you know, I fear nothing and I'm going to live forever years. With age comes the sense of vulnerability, our bodies throw us little reminders every day with pops and creaks, when I get out of my chair it sounds like someone set off firecrackers. Our speed seems to diminish, it doesn't mean we can't run but if we expect to finish 1st it will be in our age division. While many of us, when we were young enjoyed Arthur Godfrey, we are now entertaining Arthur Ritis. When I say I've mentally grown up I mean I've learned to be more compassionate and understanding, that the world spins more than for me and around me, we've all got a stake in it's future. Most of all, giving up is easy but standing up is hard, but the need to do it is essential. Sometimes we need some help to do it, be thankful there are those who offer it. Remember at the end we're not sorted out by ethnicity, color or religion but how we lived our lives with love, respect and caring for all peoples.

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