Lifes Failures

It's not easy to admit but I've dealt with several failures in life and in order to purge my conscience I feel the need to share some of them with you my friends. First of all I never mastered to yo yo, a little, walk the dog, around the world but never rock the baby. I spent more time wrapping string than enjoying it, I couldn't even get the sparkling friction lights on one verin to come on because I couldn't get it to spin that much. Secondly, Rubiks Cube, twirl and spin as much as I did it remained color mixed, the only thing I learned was they shattered well if thrown hard enough against the wall. My specialty with Etch-a-Sketch was stairs no more no less, mine suffered from severe shaking and eventually surgery to see whats inside. My frisbees always used to run away, my kites would plummet to the ground in a death wish. I did master the ever mystical Magic Slate. The only thing I didn't mind losing at was checkers with my grandpa, he was a bit of a cheater using small distractions on this 8 year old boy to adjust some moves but the look on his face when he won was well worth it. I never beat him, I really didn't want to, even in losing he made me feel like a winner.

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