With a very rainy week ahead be ready for us old timers regaling you with tales of floods past. Be warned the opening salvo will be something like, "I remember when" which is something that should be celebrated on it's own merit. Perhaps it will be led by reference to a year. If you're with a bunch of us seasoned citizens(old), you'll get into the middle of a "Can You Top This" debate. Usually these conversations are immediately stopped when Old Man NOAH gets up and tell's his ridiculous story about saving humanity, pets included. I remember back in'93...........

The Ames Municipal Band will welcome Simon Estes to the Durham Bandshell this Thursday Night at 8pm. Although we will be unable to carry the concert live because of Ames High Baseball. Make sure the catch the performance this Sunday at 9am on 1430 KASI, 1430kasi.com or on your iHeart app.


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