Dads Gift

As Father's Day sets into the sunset I once again am amazed at the acute awareness my daughter has about me and what I do. I of course echoed the words of many dads who say "You don't have to get me anything, you're my greatest gift." It's not that we don't mean it, it's just that we're like kids on Christmas Eve hoping they'll surprise us with something. Well surprised I was as she presented me with 2 new oars for my small but sturdy fishing craft. She had noticed the paddle portions of the originals had wasted to a stump. She also in formed me of 2 other things, that these were more for my son who is relegated to the task of rowing if the motors should fail. I assume the role of coxswain encouraging him with the cadence of "Stroke, stroke, stroke!" at which he replies "I'm doing this so you won't have one." What, might you ask is the second reason my daughter gave me, it's for that creek I'm so often caught up without one.

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