DADS, What can I Say?

As I was growing up I had one major nemesis, my dads. I use the word plurally because I had 2, one that was in my life until I was 7 then made a second appearance when I was 17. My stepfather grabbed the reins when I was 9 and held them until I left home. They couldn't have been more different in personality and loving in their own way. I never got to test my real father's mettle, at that young age you do what your told or you got a spanking. there was only one spanking in all those years and when it came time to administer the punishment he couldn't bring himself to do it he made my mom do it. That turned out well as I was led into the bathroom for my yardstick lashes mom said "When I close the door and start smacking my hand you pretend to cry." Dad was never the wiser, in fact mentioned she may have been a little too harsh. Two years later he had left the building for other adventures. It was a couple of years later mom married my stepdad, what a brave man, not only did he fight in W.W.II he took on the task of raising 3 out of 4 of the Crippen gang seeing as our oldest brother had joined the Army. He was strict with a loving demeanor he was going to make us good men regardless of our resistance and to that end he succeeded. My real dad returned to Iowa and established our connection, he was for the most part changed and genuinely wanted back in our lives. I grew to love him again and when he passed while I was in my 20's it was devastating. My stepdad had always cringed when I mentioned my dads name as I grew up and I knew it angered him, so when death came to my father he didn't offer any solace. This bothered me so I went to my mom and said why hasn't Dad said anything in sympathy. She turned and looked me straight in the eye and said "He knows how much you loved your father and he can't find the right words" I walked straight into the living room and hugged my stepdad and said "Pops do you know the worst part of this is knowing that I'll have to go through this again, I love you." We sat in tears and silence. Being a Dad is a tough job but with mom's help we do our best. Happy Fathers Day!

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