VTX 1800 Homeward Bound

I'm not sure many people understand the kinship a motorcycle rider feels with his steel steed, it's uncanny. I have been riding for going on 59 years, my first ventures were on my older brothers scooter and as they moved up so did I unbeknownst to them. While they were at work I rode those 125 Ducatis into fame thanks to duplicate keys. After that it became an obsession, bigger, better, faster, Triumphs, Harleys, Yamaha's, Gold Wings until I met my current Purple Monster...The VTX 1800 which has carried me without fail for the last 15 years. This was the first year it didn't start in the spring and after 2 months of you tube doctoring I sent it to the specialists and it's due home in a couple of days. Dr. Sgt. Chris is not overly excited because of some balance problems I've been dealing with, but I assured her riding the cycle is easier than walking, besides many people would tell you I've been out of balance all my life. I'm like a kid waiting for Santa, it's the only thing that slows down time at my age. READY TO RIDE ON!

1430 KASI Sports Director Dave Sprau will take you out to the ballgame this Wednesday Night as the Ames High Little Cyclones will take on South East Polk in a double header beginning at 4:45 pm on Newstalk 1430.