Auditor claims improper funds use by Huxley Fire and Rescue

The State Auditor's office says the Huxley Fire and Rescue Association had more than $5,500 in improper and unsupported disbursements of funds from 2012 through 2017.  Fire Chief Chad Anthony requested the investigation.  More than $2,700 was identified as improper disbursements, including more than $740 of cash payments to individuals, $140 in cashier’s checks to vendors, nearly $1,400 in debit card purchases, and $480 in Sam’s Club purchases. The report says an additional $2,800 in unsupported disbursements include $2,200 dollars to flower shops, and close to $800 in debit card purchases at restaurants in Ames and Ankeny. The investigation couldn't determine if any additional improper disbursements were made, or if all donations and fundraiser collections were properly deposited because adequate records weren't available.