Hail Damage to the ARK

I think the term is "Riding the Storm Out!" Another severe storm hits our area, wind, rain and lately the expected hail. Correct me if I'm wrong but hail was a rare occurrence during storms but we've had it the last 4 times. My house has lucked out, the largest being pea sized but many friends suffered the damage caused by golf ball sized. Chris is like a child watching snow flakes at he window, counting the branches and limbs falling from the neighbors trees and hoping the size of the hail doesn't increase. There have been so many lightning strikes it's like Mother Nature hung a Disco Ball over the city. The dog is now welded to my lap not about to leave until the last vestiges of thunder have gone. This year just happens to be the 25th anniversary of the 1993 floods, where for about a day and a half we were nearly an island. Well there seems to be a break for now but may only be the calm before the next storm. Mother Nature if you could just tone it down a bit and give me a nice gentle spring rain to sleep by I will be most grateful. More storms for the next few days, remember 2x2 when I'm loading.

Weather permitting the 2018 Bandshell concerts start tonight at the Durham Bandshell, featured Guest will be Simon Estes. We will carry the concert at 8 pm this evening and present an encore performance Sunday morning at 9am on 1430 KASI.