The Invasion Came Quietly

Privacy, one of our most valuable freedoms, is wounded and near death and we are complicit in the murder. In our haste to want the latest electronic toys, opened the door and let the perpetrators right in. Those cameras in our phones and computers have not only allowed you to talk face to face but also can be remotely triggered when you're not watching. Alexa and friends indeed record and hear your every word. Social Media allows you to pontificate and educate the masses but also opens you up to vulnerability from complete strangers and also opens you up to identity theft. We are a trusting society which seldom reads the "I agree" statement that applies to every app you get. We have been so anxious not to fall behind that we have jeopardized not only our integrity but may scar people we claim as friends. Lastly, how close do you actually monitor your kids or for that matter grandkids activities subjecting them to the influences of those that would prey on their innocence. The door has been opened wide and frankly the chance of closing it completely has long since past, the best we can do is exert due diligence and be selective in how we deal with it in the future.

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