Happiness is Helping

It's strange the things that make you feel really good and I'm not talking about that donation to charity I'm referring to that donation of YOU! Volunteering, the ability to give that one thing no one else can give...YOU! So many opportunities year round for you to help others and the best reward is the feeling you carry after you've done it. Now you can do this officially through your local Volunteer Centers or you can do it randomly as the need arises. An example was yesterday as I was driving through a local store parking lot I observed a man older than I trying to unload something from his truck as I was driving by. His struggle was obvious and my choice was to continue on my merry way or stop and assist. I stopped and together we got the job done, both of us thinking isn't he too old to be doing this? Handshakes and thanks exchanged he continued on and I got in my car feeling great. Life is full of opportunities to help in big and small ways, by helping others your life becomes more meaningful. That's my message today, got to go and get the heating pad on my shoulder, which is the other lesson, know your limits!

Ames High Little Cyclones will take on the Fort Dodge Dodgers in a double header baseball matchup this Friday night on 1430 KASI, action begins at 5:45.