With Memorial Day coming up I fall into contemplation as to who I am and those who have helped me mold my life into whatever I am. The numbers are staggering as I sit remembering those who have touched me in so many ways, whose sharing of thoughts, love and emotions have guided me to where I am and many of which are no longer sharing this earthly plain. There are also some I will never know who gave their lives in defense of my freedoms which I cherish so much as I call it "The debt I can never repay". To their comrades who still walk this earth, some suffering the invisible wounds of war I will never cease to thank you and humble myself in your shadow wishing for the pain and memories you bear to fade and give you peace. This Memorial Day Weekend is more than a barbeque, game of golf, opening day of the pool or weekend trip, it is the opportunity to thank those who made all those things possible and allowed you to live the life you have. 

i return to Lithia Honda for the final Breakfast Club of May, please join us tomorrow morning from 7:30 to 8:30 am on 1430.