Going Batty

Aha, I heard that! I realize there are many of you who said, going? You've been there all your life. Perhaps so but I assure you there is no quicker wake up call than when you enter your center of relief at work and something begins flying in a rather erratic fashion. I am assuming this child of Dracula found it's way in through a window left open by a considerate previous occupant who had left the stench of a bad lunch and was attempting to eradicate the deadly fumes, but please a window left open overnight invites the playful flying rodents of Satan a place of rest. I am well aware of the myths that surround these little mosquito vacuums and there usefulness to mankind but the bathroom at 3 am serves no ones immediate needs except to expedite the mission I was on. Realizing this lost soulless creature was a victim of circumstance and remembering reading in a book specializing on the flying vermin, I closed the door and left, "So as they have entered the Chamber of Contemplation, so shall they leave," I used the downstairs chamber. Two hours later, out of curiosity and need I again approached the closed door, slowly I opened the door and found the room devoid of any threats and could only presume that it had continued on it's journey to Hawaii where the bowels of hell have penetrated the earth.

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