Jeep (cheap) Labor

When I was young, one of the things I loved to do was fiddle with my car. i was that shade tree mechanic because quite honestly I had to be, no money. It was simple in those days, no computers to mess with, my dad had limited knowledge, so checking fluids came first, changing the oil and filter soon afterward, replacing or cleaning and gapping spark plugs next. That was about the limit of knowledge dad held. I needed more, so I applied at the Shell Station down the street, they had no openings, "I'll work for free" I foolishly blurted out, WHAM instant job. I did all the grunt work plus on occasion dress as a clown and wave at passing traffic and try to lure them in. Most of all I got to hang around the mechanics when things were slow and be amazed at their ability to diagnose problems. I became like a surgeons assistant, handing the correct tools when asked, to expedite the healing process. I was allowed access to the hydraulic lifts and allowed to work on my car when the bays were empty, I learned a lot but now I know nothing, technology has passed me by. A week ago my Jeep Commander began heating up and all of a sudden I felt the need to figure it out, after going through a number of possibilities I narrowed it down to the water pump. after some tutoring on You Tube and the gathering of tools I dove into the project, 4 hours later with help from the entire family my Jeep is back in action and $300 under the estimate I was given. HMMM next project please.

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