Politically Correct

The metamorphosis from being a sarcastic and cynical young man into a gentler, kinder understanding old man has been difficult and I'm not sure I've completely transitioned. I often catch my self making politically incorrect statements under my breath and silently laughing to myself. These are not hurtful because I learned long ago I have difficulty with my conscience if they are but I assure you in todays PC world they would be frowned upon by a few and laughed at by many with the knowing look of "That's just wrong". So if you see me laughing to myself it means I've seen something that was funny but must hold my tongue for sharing it would be disrespectful. I give just one example: last night at the ball diamonds a rather large and heavy set man leaped up to make a catch, I was duly impressed but in my mind these reactions formulated. "I'll bet he hasn't been that high since they untethered the basket from his legs or the Macy's Parade." The next thought was, at least he's out there playing and enjoying himself and found myself cheering for him. Maybe I am getting better, or at least in better control, I hope so, but it's a struggle.

A Reminder I'll be broadcasting from the Special Olympics of Iowa Summer Games Friday Morning from 8:30 am to 10 am courtesy in part of Lithia Nissan and Honda.