Gone Fishin'

Finish up at the station today, got my rods and tackle box in the car and I'm headed to my favorite fishin' hole. The world will have to wait awhile if it's expecting to hear from me. Not takin' my lil' fishin' boat, don't feel much like messin' with it. Got my chair, some bait, bug spray, sun screen and a cool drink, I'm set for the afternoon. Gonna' use a bobber, make the fish let me know when they're ready to be caught and if they don't feel like it today, I'm alright with that, I've got a beautiful day and a nap in the chair won't hurt me. I've got to be gone by 3:30 though, that Opie Taylor kid comes whistlin' down the road and scares the fish.

Ames High Little Cyclones baseball and softball seasons hit the airwaves next Monday as the Mason City Mohawks come to town for a double header. Action begins at 4:45 pm with Dave Sprau and Mel Crippen.